We receive numerous inquiries each week from those eager to join the 'home staging' business in Seattle. Currently, though, we have a team of style coordinators that make up our amazing crews, but we are growing...so there may be an opportunity in the future.


If you are interested, please email Denise@SMHSdesign.com . No experience is necessary,

and is actually not preferred! (Read below...)


If you're interested in becoming a 'home stager', your best bet is to go into business for yourself--

this gives you creative control versus executing another 'staging' company's signature look or style.

Keep in mind that it may take time to turn a profit since you'll be building up inventory for the first few months (or years!) and be careful to show your own work in photos because stock photos can be misleading and create distrust.

If you're not interested in all the time, money and effort involved in starting your own 'home staging' company, then maybe part-time work is a better option. Email us and when we have an opening, we'll get in touch!